Questioning of British service people continues in Tehran

March 24, 2007

Interrogation of 15 detained British service people continued Saturday in Tehran, the IRIB state television reported, quoting a a military spokesman as saying all 15 were in good health.

General Ali-Reza Afshar claimed that Iran had documented proof that the British marines violated Iranian territory and were arrested in Iranian waters but refrained to present the documents.

The general further claimed that the service people had already made ‘some confessions’ that they were arrested Friday in Iranian territorial waters in the Gulf. No other Iranian official has so far verified any confession.

Iran’s Fars news agency earlier reported the eight sailors and seven Royal Marines, including one woman, were transferred to the capital in order to explain ‘their aggressive act.’

Fars added that the service people had in their possession ‘military and sophisticated geographic exploration equipment.’ The Fars report received no immediate confirmation.

Tehran earlier Saturday condemned what it called ‘Britain’s illegal infiltration of Iranian waters,’ the Iranian ISNA news agency reported.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said the ‘interfering and hostile British act was suspicious and contrary to international rights and therefore there could be no justification (for London) not accepting responsibility.’

The spokesman added the British officials should make recompense for their mistake rather than sticking to ‘irrelevant interpretations for justifying their illegal act.’

Iran said Friday the 15 were ‘arrested’ in what it said was the Iranian part of Arvand river in the Gulf.

Britain insisted that the service people, from the frigate HMS Cornwall, were in Iraqi waters.

It demanded the immediate and safe return of all 15, who were seized after they boarded a boat in the northern Gulf, off the coast of Iraq, which they suspected was smuggling cars.

A spokesman for the US military told the BBC that it had been monitoring Iran’s elite fighting force, the Revolutionary Guards, ‘for years now’ in Iraqi territorial waters.Source:

Be a SEO expert

February 24, 2007

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known as forms very crucial part of internet today. Thousands of new pages are added everyday and the evolution of earning streams like Google adsense the competition to be on top of search engine rankings have assumed significance. You must have noticed that a single query turns up millions of web pages. These are the pages vying for your eyeballs. Given the scenario it is natural that website owners would scamble to get ranked among top 10 searches where maximum action takes place. This does not mean that search results after 10 are irrelevant but there is a chance that readers might not look beyond top 10 search results.

What then will make people search for your web page? The answer is to anticipate what people would type in search box. This words are your keywords that you must target. For example you have a web page on affiliate marketing. You want your page in top 10 when people type affiliate marketing. Then ‘Affiliate Marketing’ are your keywords.Keep in mind that single word keywords are likely to face tough competition as most website owners would stuff as many keywords as possible. Choose the keyword that are two or more then two words long. You have to be unique as too much competition means your chances of success are lower. There is no point in fighting the competition. As I said be unique and your chances of succeeding are better.

Identifying keywords is not enough. Next you will have to work on placement of keywords. The page’s title tag is most important. Assuming you have a perfectly relevant web page but failure to put the keywords in title tag might result in poor placement in search engines.

Now comes the task of building your title. Select two or three phrases that you would want your pages to be searched for. Make sure to make your title short and attractive. When you are designing the title think of newspapers. How their headlines compel you to buy the paper. Your title and newspaper headlines are no different. Your title should invite reader to read more. An attractive title will pull the reader to your web page.

OK You have got attractive title and you stuff your page with keywords thinking your job is over. Well search engines are more likely to scan your one third or half page. It would be highly recommended if you put your keywords in your page headline and in your first paragraph.

If you are planning to use large part of Javascript then your keywords might appear lower as search engines would read Javascript first and then your keywords. If possible place your scripts at the bottom of the page. It is possible to hide javascript as you will read in subsequent articles.

Now you would think that I have a perfect title which is catchy and attractive. Well having a attractive is not enough. You need to have relevant content as well. If your keywords don’t show in your content then your page would not be ranked properly. Now you can argue that I am putting a site that deals with technical analysis of stocks. You have put the pictures of various graphs to illustrate your point. Now this pictures may look pretty on your page but search engines cannot read them. Hence the use of HTML text can be beneficial when dealing with search engines.
Be sure that your HTML text is visible as search engines would not index those hidden texts if they are not visible. It is difficult to fool a search engine.

So next time you design your page you know what to do.

Wanna be an Entrepreneur?

February 23, 2007

Entrepreneurship is a difficult yet rewarding preposition. Though the path of entrepreneur is cluttered with obstacles and uncertainty it has its rewards as well. Entrepreneurship is not just about dreaming big it is 99.99% bravery and perspiration and 0.01% luck.


The sad truth is 8 out of 10 business start-ups fail. This number is higher in the case of online start-ups. Why then the businesses fail? Despite having sound idea, a novel product preposition, niche markets and so on. Is there any right and safe path to ensure that business succeeds? There is.  Most business owners who start their business do not have a clear vision or the goals except to make money. Making money is fine but when it becomes focus of all activities the efforts get scattered as a result quality gets hampered. Such efforts might lead to short term revenue generation but to build a long term sustainable business you need to focus on quality, money will follow.


Before starting a business it is crucial that a research be carried out. Research helps in selling products more efficiently. Innovation does not assure success. Research will help develop unique advantage without undertaking the pains of innovation. Identify your toughest competitors, observe their activities, and analyze them. You will get an idea if the product is going to work for you. Planning is essential for business. The goals should be clearly defined. Achieving Million dollar sale in your first year is excellent but in aiming big many entrepreneurs tend to neglect the small things which may be the deciding factor in making or breaking the business. Set modest targets and work towards those goals. You should be able to see the “end” first otherwise your business might fail (I failed because I did not have clear vision and did not know what I wanted to achieve) Once planning process is in place action is required. You need to set example for others.  You need to be able to think fast, manage other people and persevere through the trials that you will undoubtedly face. Entrepreneurship is NO cakewalk. Follow the right path patiently and you can see it making big.


Testing is absolutely crucial. Test and track your marketing materials. Test your ads. Test different customer interaction procedures. As much as possible, test every appropriate aspect that has a direct influence on your sales, and the lifetime value of each customer. Improvise your processes based on the feedback. What makes your advertisement tick? You have to ask many such questions to yourself and constantly keep vigil on the areas where you can improve.

There is no secret to doing well in business. It comes down to finding out what’s already working, putting your own spin on it, optimizing your results and then setting things up to grow without your direct involvement. This is the “path” that will lead you to success.


Resume writing Tips

February 23, 2007

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When many of you set out to write resume, which thought flashes your mind? The probable answer is to highlight our career, education, achievements etc….etc… Important achievements are left out for full chronology of the career history and education. What is left is a boring listing of companies, positions, and dates which may turn-off the employer. Many people forget that they have just a few seconds to make an impact with their resumes. The longer the resume the less chances of capturing reader’s interest.

Your resume must convince the reader about your capabilities to benefit the organization. Your resume should provoke the curiosity of the reader failing which in all probabilities your resume might find its way into the trash can. After writing resume you should review and edit it with eagle’s eye. Every word should have a purpose. Do not attempt to fill your resume with complex words. Simplicity along with effective, action oriented language is sufficient to prompt the reader to pick up the phone and call you for personal interview.

It is essential that your resume is focused on the needs of the organization. Your resume must be able to communicate that you perfectly understand the organization’s need and are fully qualified for the job. 

The absolute most important element of your executive resume is your value proposition. Your unique ability to solve business problems, meet challenging goals, and produce desired results should be the focus of your executive profile and this focus should be supported by proof throughout your career. By documenting your consistent ability to produce results and solve problems you will demonstrate your ability to produce similar results in the future.

You should be careful in the content you select for your resume. Your content should support the value that you are offering to the organization. While the employers would be interested in your recent experience you can create value from the history of your experience. You may want to document cross-industry experience like your early experience in networking could be utilized in the company but do not rely on early experience since it might not interest the employers hence do not put more stress than necessary.  If you feel early dates will be used to screen you out, subtly leave them out of your early career summary. 

Creating effective resume is not enough. We cannot predict the personal bias of the people who are going to read your resume. Employers use resume to screen the candidates. As a last piece of advice, do not put your personal preferences like hobbies, family, religion. Such things have no place in resumes unless you are confident of breaking the ice with your details.

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February 23, 2007

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